WMS 4-in-1 SD Card Reader - IOS & Android

WMS SD Card reader - Super fast and easy on your phone, tablet, or computer images of the wildlife camera back!

Our WMS SD Card Reader is super easy to use, and works with all Android and IOS phones and tablets. The card reader has no less than 4 different connections: a traditional USB connection (for connecting to a computer), a micro-USB connection (for slightly older Android phones), a new USB-C connection (for newer computers and Android devices), as well as a Lightning port for IOS devices. In most cases, it is a matter of simply plugging the connector into the phone, tablet, or computer and inserting the SD card or micro-SD card into the card reader on the other side, and then the images will be immediately visible through the file manager of your phone, tablet, computer. Only for use in combination with IOS devices, it is necessary to install the free iUSB app. This makes this small accessory super handy in the field so you can immediately watch back the captured images on your phone or tablet!

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