WMS Bird House

The WMS Bird House is specially designed for Bird box cameras. The nesting box is a bit larger than usual, so there is enough space above the entrance opening to place the nesting box camera. There is also a special opening (covered with a matt sanded piece of plexiglass) on the side for extra daylight, so that the nesting box camera can take pictures in colour for as long as possible. The nesting box comes with a 32mm entrance hole, which is perfect for great tits and sparrows. Two additional plates are included to reduce the entrance opening to 28 mm (perfect for blue tits) and 25 mm (suitable for other small tits and wrens).

The WMS nesting box has a cutout at the back for feeding the power cable of the nesting box camera. The entire lid can be easily removed by unscrewing 1 screw at the top of the nesting box. The WMS nesting box is stained dark, so it blends in nicely with the surroundings, and has a roof of bitumen.

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