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Wildlife camera with a SIM card

A wildlife camera with SIM functionality has the major benefit of having the wireless functionality with the longest-range capabilities. As a matter of fact, there are no limitations as to the range at which these wildlife camera models can effectively be used. Therefore, you are not limited to locations with access to WiFi network for instance. This ideal for placing the camera with SIM functionality in the heart of wildlife for longer periods of time and checking in using the accompanying camera app.

Connection from any place when using a wildlife camera with SIM functionality

To successfully monitor a camera with SIM functionality, the device only has to be placed in its locations ones to be accessed for the foreseeable future. You are then able to monitor the camera from your phone whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home for example. This ideal for wildlife monitoring projects that require longer time periods. This is for example the case when making use of a time lapse camera to record a certain development. The main benefit of using a device with SIM card is in the unlimited wireless access capabilities of the camera. In order to use such a wildlife camera, you will have to purchase the SIM card separately. This can be done either through us or via an external provider of your choosing. In our case you will be proved with a card from KPN to be used in your camera trap.

Order the perfect camera product from us

At Wildlife Monitoring Solutions you have countless different options in terms of equipment and functionalities. To view all of them we refer you to our product page. From here you will find exactly what you have needed as a wildlife photography enthusiast or professional. Simply look for your wildlife camera with SIM functionality for instance and order yours as soon as possible. For further information we invite you to fill in our contact form. You may also send us an e-mail at info@wildlifemonitoringsolutions.nl or call us on +31643444755.

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