With an internal viewer, you can assess camera images directly in the field and determine the positioning of the camera. This makes the setup of a cameratrap a lot easier. With the internal viewer, it is important to pay attention to the position of the viewer inside the cameratrap. It is possible that the live viewer is not suitable to assist in aiming the camera, because the lens of the camera is turned away at the moment you want to look at the viewer (see below). You can of course always have a look afterwards, after taking a (test) photo!

internal viewer

 Three models of cameratraps, two of which have an internal viewer (the middle and right model). With the cameratrap in the middle you have to open the front (incl. camera lens) to get access to the viewer, which makes your live viewer unusable for aiming the camera. The right model takes this into account and provides you with a live image that can help with aiming your camera