Nice to see you interested in a career at Wildlife Monitoring Solutions! We are a small and dynamic company and therefore we don't have a lot of vacancies, but at the same time we are working hard towards our goal of visualising nature better! In addition to our core expertise in wildlife cameras and everything that goes with them, we are also looking into thermal imaging cameras and audio recorders, for example. If our company appeals to you and you think you can bring a valuable addition to our team, then you are always welcome to email your motivation and C.V. to We will always get in touch with you! The current vacancies you can apply for are listed below.

Open vacancies

There are no vacancies at the moment.

Volunteers / Product testers

We are always working on innovations and new products! And because we always aim to offer only products about which we have thorough knowledge and experience and therefore can give good advice, we are regularly looking for people who want to test or evaluate certain products for us. We do not pay them, but it does give them an excellent opportunity to experiment with the very latest products on the market and give feedback on them. It also gives us the opportunity to collect realistic practical examples and experiences of the products we offer. In turn, our customers benefit from this! A win-win situation for everyone! If you are interested in joining our team of testers, please let us know by sending a short message to We will get in touch with you soon!


  • What are the disturbing effects of wildlife cameras on mammals?
  • Which monitoring technique works best for mapping small martens?
  • What is the ideal lure to survey a mammal community of an area?

These are just a few of the many research questions that keep us busy and that we enjoy investigating. We enjoy working with students to find answers to these questions. Do you have an interesting research question yourself that you would like to get to work on? Then you can also come to us!

Does thesis research or an internship at our company appeal to you or do you have questions? Let us know and send an email to We would like to discuss this with you!