Wilsus wildcamera's

  1. Wilsus Accento (wide angle)

    The Wilsus accento is known for its stunning image quality (Leica M6 lens). The wide angle lens of no less than 100° allows you to capture the surroundings and one animal - or group of animals - in its entirety. This is very useful, for example, when animals move right in front of the wildlife camera (e.g. at a track). Also, the Wilsus Accento is equipped with some handy features - like an adjustable flash intensity and sensor sensitivity - which allows you to adjust the cameratrap perfectly to your desired goal. Additional specifications of the Wilsus Accento are:
    - Visible infrared flash
    - Detection range and flash range of 20 meters
    - Maximum photo resolution of 16MP / 1080p HD video resolution
    - Hybrid functionality and time-lapse

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  2. Wilsus Defend Cam WiFi WIRELESS

    The Snyper General 3G WIRELESS is the successor of the Snyper Commander 3G WIRELESS. It is one of our four current models in our GSM camera ranger with WIRELESS sim card functionality. This means that you can install a SIM card in the camera, so that the camera is able to immediately send the pictures it takes to a mobile phone or email address. This way, you will be notified instantly about the presence of a living object in view of your camera. The transferred photos can then be used to check what it is that triggered the camera. This is not only fun, useful, and interesting for nature lovers, but certainly also for people who are looking for a security camera that notifies them from a distance. The camera works on batteries, like all camera traps, and sends the captured images via a regular telecom provider to a mobile phone or email address. It does not matter which provider you wish to use or in which country you wish to use the camera, but you need telecom reception at your site and it usually works best to opt for a SIM card of one of the big providers in your country as they generally offer best coverage.

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