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  1. Seissiger Special Cam LTE - SUPERSIM Edition

    The Seissiger Special Cam LTE - Supersim Edition is a popular 4G wireless game camera. The advantage of this model is that it comes as a complete set, with a prepaid SUPERSIM SIM card (which can be used throughout Europe), an 8GB memory card, a set of alkaline batteries, and a handy metal tree screw for attaching the camera to a tree or post. Furthermore, this camera has a sufficiently fast response and recovery time, so the captured images are transmitted within 20-30 seconds to a special APP on your phone or tablet. The images are also accessible via a special website. The wireless functionality makes this camera ideal for observation of remote places (e.g. bird's nest) and for theft prevention (e.g. holiday home). Finally, it is possible to use the APP or website to send a command to the wildlife camera to make a recording of that moment and have it forwarded or to remotely change the settings in the camera. Additional noteworthy specifications of the Seissiger Special Cam LTE - SUPERSIM Edition are:
    - Detection range of 25 metres / Flash range of 20 metres
    - Maximum photo resolution of 12MP / 1080p Full HD video resolution
    - Hybrid function and time-lapse

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