Trail Cameras

Here, you will find our complete range of trail cameras. Trail cameras are also commonly called camera traps, wildlife cameras, wildcams, and photo traps. Wildlife Monitoring Solutions is an authorized dealer for Reconyx, Bushnell, Browning, HCO Uway, HCO Scoutguard and HCO Spartan trail cameras. This implies that we import these products straight from the official suppliers (so, not via other dealers here or elsewhere, or via unauthorized resellers). The benefits for you of buying your trail camera with us is that you do not need to worry about transcontinental shipping, customs charges, customs delays and uncertainty about the final costs for getting the product to your home. Also, we will be the official contact person for your goods, and then, in case something is not working properly or is damaged, it must be good to know that you've bought your product at an official dealer who can and will take care of a smooth and quick solution to the issue.

Please, have a look through our on-line shop and check out all the models that we have on offer. Are you looking for a specific brand or model? Then please go ahead and find the brand you're looking for in the menu to the left or in the drop-down of the top menu. Are you not sure which camera to pick? Perhaps it helps to add a bunch of cameras to the comparison list by clicking the button "compare" at each of the products that you wish to compare. After you've added all products you wish to compare, go to the comparison list feature that's located in the menu to the left and click "compare".


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