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Wildlife cameras and other wildlife monitoring products are constantly evolving. Depending on the brand, new models come out annually or once every two years. The precursors of those models then often slowly run out until all stock is exhausted. At the same time, it is common for people to want to buy a second or additional wildlife camera or other device after some time. They then often initially look for the model they already own, simply because they like it or, for example, to ensure continuity in monitoring.

For this reason, you will find our so-called "Product Archive" below. Here you will find wildlife cameras but also other products that we used to sell, but which are no longer available from stock, and in most cases have simply been phased out completely by the manufacturer. In case the wildlife camera in question is still available, but is no longer held in stock by us, it is best to ask us via chat or via the other contact options about the possibilities of ordering the product in question. For the game cameras and other products which can no longer be ordered, we try as much as possible to suggest a suitable alternative from our current range for each product. However, if you are not immediately convinced, or if you still have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accessories suitable / intended for  
Type of night vision device  
Ocular Type  
Night vision generation  
IR Illuminator  
For daytime use  
Image modes  
Extendable eye cups  
Zoom Functionality  
Live stream functionality  
Type of accessory  
Type of trail camera  
Type of thermal camera  
Type of flash  
Lens diameter  
Time Lapse function  
Field of view width (FOV)  
Field of view height (FOV)  
Night footage in full colour  
Field of view width @ 1.000m  
Dynamic Video / Smart IR Video  
Optical magnification  
External power connection  
Maximum digital zoom  
Internal viewer  
Video resolution options  
Maximum magnification (optical/digital combined)  
Maximum photo resolution  
Image focus type  
Diopter setting  
Detection range  
Detection distance  
Flash range  
Display resolution  
Field of view  
Display type  
Display frame rate (Hertz)  
Number and type batteries  
Maximum memory capacity  
Colour palettes  
Activity timer  
Observation modes  
Recording Mode  
WiFi function  
Brackets for python cable lock  
Password protection  
External memory capacity  
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü  
Operating time  
Picture trigger speed  
Power supply  
Tripod socket  
Video trigger speed  
IP rating for water resistance  
Picture recovery speed  
Shock resistance  
Video recovery speed  
Manufacturer's warranty  
Max # pictures per trigger  
Maximum daytime video length  
Maximum nighttime video length  
Minimum time lapse interval  

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  • BolyGuard BG584G-24mHD 4G WIRELESS
    Out of Stock
    BolyGuard BG584G-24mHD 4G WIRELESS

    €150.00 Regular Price €299.00

  • Hikmicro Owl OQ35
    Out of Stock
    Hikmicro Owl OQ35

    €2,000.00 Regular Price €2,735.00

  • Hikmicro Owl OH25
    Out of Stock
    Hikmicro Owl OH25

    €1,785.00 Regular Price €1,995.00

  • BolyGuard MG984G-36M 4G WIRELESS
    Out of Stock
    BolyGuard MG984G-36M 4G WIRELESS

    €329.00 Regular Price €349.00

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