With the time- apse functionality, the cameratrap takes photos or videos at a fixed interval - set by you. Think, for example, of visualizing the process of the construction of a building as shown here, or monitoring nesting waterfowl or restoration measures as shown here. The time lapse functionality can also be used for a completely different purpose. Using a time lapse, you can ensure useable data after disruption of the cameratrap (e.g. by an animal, empty batteries, full SD card, etc.). By setting a time lapse in advance, you can refer back to an exact time when the cameratrap was yet undisturbed. You will know exactly in what period of time the cameratrap has worked effectively. You can, for example, set the time Lapse so that a picture is taken every 12 or 24 hours. Not all cameratraps have a time lapse functionality. Also, the type of settings will vary from model to model. Pay attention to this when you want to make significant use of the time-lapse functionality. Feel free to ask us for more advice.