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The use of thermal imagers, or thermal imaging camera or thermal scopes, is growing in popularity among nature professionals and enthusiasts. During difficult weather conditions (e.g., fog) and complete darkness, a thermal imaging camera captures warm-blooded animals and other thermal objects beautifully at a very long distance of hundreds of meters to over a kilometre. The image is formed on the basis of heat detection (infrared radiation). This high-tech tool is also very useful during the day, for example, for observing camouflaged animals. Buy a thermal imaging camera because it’s the ideal tool for bird watching, mammal counts, hunting, but also for law enforcement and security purposes.

What to look for in a thermal imaging camera

With each year the thermal imaging camera is becoming more and more sophisticated, making it not only more affordable, but also more and more efficient buy! With increasing interest, the diversity of possibilities also increases. As with trail cameras, it is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to make a single choice when it comes to purchasing a thermal imaging camera. It is therefore good to be aware of some essential features that are typical for selecting a good thermal imaging camera. For this we would like to refer you to our knowledge base. To those wildlife enthusiasts that want to capture images under difficult circumstances we also highly recommend our night vision scopes.

The product range you can buy for your thermal imaging camera

Below you will find our complete range of every thermal imaging camera you can buy. Our wildlife monitoring store is an official dealer of the brands Guide and HikMicro. This means that you can buy a thermal imaging camera directly from the manufacturer and import your purchase into the Netherlands. If you are specifically looking for thermal imaging camera from a certain brand, you can filter for that brand in the left menu. You can also compare different thermal imaging cameras (using the ‘Compare’ button). If the brand or thermal imaging camera you want to buy is not on the website, please contact us. Maybe we can still deliver the specific thermal imaging camera for you, and if not, we will gladly help you with good advice on a possible alternative camera trap!

Buy your wildlife cameras and equipment from us

At Wildlife Monitoring Solutions we are an expert on anything regarding wildlife cameras and equipment. Our products, such as the perfect thermal imaging camera and a motion-activated wildlife camera, are dependable and come with the latest technology. See our WiFi equipped cameras for example. You will without a doubt find the product you are looking for with us. If you need any extra assistance, we are always ready to help you. Please call to +31643444755  or send an e-mail to To clients who are not interested in buying, we also offer a rental service.

Type of thermal camera  
Lens diameter  
Field of view width (FOV)  
Field of view height (FOV)  
Field of view width @ 1.000m  
Optical magnification  
Maximum magnification (optical/digital combined)  
Image focus type  
Diopter setting  
Detection range  
Display resolution  
Display type  
Display frame rate (Hertz)  
Colour palettes  
Observation modes  
Recording Mode  
WiFi function  
Internal memory capacity  
External memory capacity  
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü  
Operating time  
Power supply  
Tripod socket  
IP rating for water resistance  
Shock resistance  
Manufacturer's warranty  

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