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SECOND CHANCE: This camera was used for 2 weeks as a test camera to collect practice images for the website. Camera comes in original box with treestrap and manual (digital).

The Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate delivers outstanding images! What makes the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate unique is that the wildlife camera is able to film in 4K Ultra HD. Several professional documentarians consider this camera as the best choice for their film work. This wildlife camera is equipped with an invisible infrared flash and is therefore less likely to be noticed by its surroundings. Additional noteworthy specifications of the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate are:
- Detection range of 30 metres / flash range of 30 metres
- Maximum photo resolution of 32MP / 4k Ultra HD video resolution (30fps)
- Time-lapse function

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  We recommend that you include at least a set of batteries and a memory card. These accessories are necessary to get started with your camera right away.

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    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate

    The Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate delivers outstanding images! What makes the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate special is that the wildlife camera is capable of filming in 4K Ultra HD at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. Several professional documentary filmmakers consider this camera to be the best choice for their film work. This wildlife camera features a Low Glow visible infrared flash, which usually results in better quality night footage than a model with an invisible infrared flash. Other notable specifications of the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate include:

    • Capture range of 30 metres
    • Flash range of 30 metres
    • Total photo resolution of 32MP (interpolated)
    • 4k Ultra HD video resolution @ 30fps
    • Time-lapse feature

    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate | Appearance

    The Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate is a compact camera with a grey camouflaged body. The camera opens like a book and closes with a large locking clip on the right side of the camera. This clamp also contains an eyelet for a Python cable lock, so the camera itself can also be locked with a cable lock so that someone cannot simply switch off the camera or remove the SD card. The settings are easy to use and it is also possible to use three pre-programmed QuickSet settings. The AA batteries go into a special battery compartment that can be removed from inside the camera. Unlike the previous version of the Stealth Cam DS4K, the pull-out compartment that slides into the bottom of the game camera is no longer used. Using Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, the game camera can run for an amazing 15 months!

    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate | Benefits

    + Fast response time (0.2s)

    + Visible infrared flash

    + High image resolution

    + Long battery life

    + SD card management function

    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate | Alternatives

    Are you looking for a camera with a faster response and recovery time and want to save some money? Or do you prefer a model with a built-in colour viewer that allows you to align the camera and view the captured images? Then you should take a look at the Browning Recon Force 4K EDGE. The image quality of this game camera is hardly inferior to the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate. If you prefer a model with a completely invisible infrared flash combined with 4K video quality, consider the Bushnell 2021 CORE DS-4K. Almost similar in model name, but still a completely different model!

    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate | Independent Review by Silvavir Ecological Consultancy

    Since summer 2019, we have partnered with Silvavir Ecological Consultancy. In collaboration with us, they conduct standardised and objective reviews of wildlife cameras. We entered into this cooperation in order to provide a better insight into the differences and similarities of the brands and models on the market and to offer guidance in choosing the right wildlife camera for the respective purpose. A review for this model is not yet available.

    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate | Standardised Review by Trailcampro

    Trailcampro is the largest provider of wildlife cameras in the United States. They write standardised reviews of almost every wildlife camera on the market, which makes it much easier to compare the different cameras against each other! Therefore, we refer to their reviews to give you an independent picture of the quality of the cameras. Read here the review of the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate by Trailcampro.

    Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate | Recommended Accessories

    All camera traps are supplied without accessories. However, to get started with your camera trap right away, you will need at least a battery pack and a SDHC memory card. This model is a commercially available SDHC memory card with at least Class 10, such as the Sandisk Ultra cards. In addition, we recommend the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries (non-rechargeable), or the Panasonic Eneloop and Eneloop PRO rechargeable NiMH batteries. The advantage of lithium batteries over rechargeable Eneloop batteries is that the former are more resistant to winter temperatures. The disadvantage, however, is that they are not rechargeable. If you opt for rechargeable batteries, consider the Everactive battery charger in case you don't have a good charger in the house!

    Besides the batteries and memory card, there are a variety of other accessories for this camera model. There are all sorts of special mounting hardware like tree forks and supports, but also accessories that provide a more secure placement for the camera, like a security-enclosure or a python cable lock. You can select these accessories directly above and order them as a bundle, but you can also view the full accessories overview here.

    Type number: this is the Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate Trail Camera with serial number STC-DS4KU.

    More Information
    Brand Stealth Cam
    Brand Stealth Cam
    Dimensions 14.5 x 10.0 x 9.5 cm
    Type of trail camera Standard local storage
    Aufnahmemodi Photo and Video
    Live stream functionality No
    Maximum photo resolution 32 Megapixels
    Video resolution options 2160p 4K UHD @ 30 fps
    Maximum daytime video length 180 sec
    Maximum nighttime video length 30 sec
    Dynamic Video / Smart IR Video No
    Type of flash visible infrared (low glow)
    Flash range 30 meter
    Detection distance 30 meter
    Field of view 45 graden
    Zoom Functionality No
    Picture trigger speed 0.2 sec
    Picture recovery speed 1 sec
    Video trigger speed 0.4 sec
    Video recovery speed 1.5 sec
    Max # pictures per trigger 9
    Configurable trigger interval Yes
    Night footage in full colour No
    Activity timer No
    Time Lapse function Yes, 24 hours a day
    Minimum time lapse interval 5 sec
    Internal viewer No
    Configurable camera label Yes
    Number and type batteries 12 x AA
    External power connection Yes
    Maximum memory capacity 128 GB
    Password protection Yes
    Brackets for python cable lock Yes
    Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü No, only English
    Other noteworthy specifications

    SD Overwrite function, which means that automatically the oldest images can be deleted if the memory card is in danger of becoming full.
    GPS GEO-Tagging function, where you have to put the correct coordinates in the camera yourself.

    Original user manual

    Stealth Cam Manuals

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