Spypoint Security Enclosure

Here you will find the steel security boxes for all Spypoint Trail Cameras. To order the right model, select the model of your choice in the options list.

This is the steel security enclosure for all Spypoint Trail Cameras. To order the box of your choice, simply select your model in the list above and add the box to your shopping cart!

This all steel security enclosure protects your trail camera against vandalism, theft, or damage. The security box itself can be mounted to a tree or other object using screws, but it also has special openings to allow for mounting with a Master Lock python cable or padlock. Master Lock Python cable locks are ideal for locking and mounting a security enclosure to a tree or pole, because the cable lock can be tightened all around the stem of the tree or pole. This makes theft almost impossible! Master Lock Python cable locks can be found under the category "accessories" in our shop.

If the box you are looking for is not listed above, or if you're unsure about the correct security case for your trail camera, please contact us. We are there to help!

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