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This model is no longer in production. The successor to the Flexpoint Flex is the Spypoint Flex E-36.

Spypoint Flex

The Spypoint Flex is the newest model of Spypoint (2022) with excellent 4G coverage. With this it is possible to use a SIM card anywhere in the world to send camera images (both photos and videos) to the Spypoint App on your smartphone or to a special online environment on the computer. The sensor sensitivity of the camera can be set to your own preference (low, medium, high). For example, you can choose a high sensitivity in order to get smaller animals on camera more easily. If the focus is on larger animals, or to reduce the number of 'false triggers' (i.e. photos in which no animal is present), a lower sensitivity can be chosen. The wildlife camera is equipped with an invisible infrared flash, which ensures that animals will not be disturbed! Additional noteworthy specifications of the Spypoint Flex are:

  • Detection range of 30 meter
  • Flash range of 30 meter
  • Maximum photo resolution of 33MP (interpolated)
  • 1080p Full HD video resolution
  • Time-lapse

Spypoint Flex | Appearance

The Spypoint Flex is a compact trailcamera with an olive-coloured housing on the front. The housing has one locking clip at the bottom, where the control buttons are located and where AA batteries and the Micro-SD card should be inserted. The free Spypoint app is used to install the camera. The same app makes it possible to adjust settings and look back at the images you have taken.

Spypoint Flex | Benefits

+ extremely fast detection time (0.3s)

+ complete invisible infrared flash

+ intuitive menu

+ excellent 4G reception by using dual-SIM

Spypoint Flex | Data tarieven

The Spypoint Flex has an internal built-in 4G SIM card. This wildlife camera has a simlock, and therefore it is not possible to insert another sim card yourself. You have to use the international SIM card included in the camera, which automatically selects the best available network at the location where the camera is placed. This works within the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe. Each month you get the first 100 images for free, once you have reached this limit, the camera will no longer send images to the app that month (it will of course still record and store them locally on the memory card). For a monthly fee, you can arrange to forward more images per month. This monthly fee is paid directly to Spypoint, and so we are not in the middle of this. The rates for the various packages are shown below. For more info on Spypoint data bundles, we would like to refer you to Spypoint.

Compared to a regular prepaid SIM card and the associated fees for forwarding images, these rates are very much in line with the market. For example, if you choose the "Standard package", you pay €10 per month (or even just €7 per month if you pay in 1x for a whole year) in exchange for 1,000 photos. That means you pay about 1 cent per forwarded photo. When using a regular KPN Prepaid SIM card, the rate per photo is also about 1 cent. You can change or stop the tariff plan at any time and go back to the free version. 

Spypoint Flex | Independent review by Silvavir Ecology Consultancy

Since the summer of 2019, we have entered into cooperation with Silvavir ecological consultancy. In cooperation with us, they conduct standardised and objective reviews of wildlife cameras. We entered into this cooperation to provide more insight into the differences and similarities between the brands and models on the current market, and to offer people a helping hand in choosing the right wildlife camera for the application they have in mind. There is no review available for this model at this time.

Spypoint Flex | Standardized review by Trailcampro

Trailcampro is the largest cameratrap provider in the United States. They write standardized reviews of almost all trailcameras that are available on the market, which makes the comparability of the different cameras a bit easier! That is why we would like to refer to their reviews to give you a comparable overview of the quality of the various cameratraps. There is no review available for this model at this time.

Spypoint Flex | Recommended accessories

The Spypoint Flex is only delivered with the necessary SIM-cards.. However, to get started with your cameratrap right away, you need at least a set of batteries and an SDHC memory card. For this model, this is a standard SDHC memory card of at least Class 10, such as the Sandisk Ultra cards. Additionally, we recommend to use the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (not rechargeable), or the Panasonic Eneloop and Eneloop PRO rechargeable NiMH batteries. The advantage of the lithium batteries over the rechargeable Eneloop batteries is that the former are more resistant to winter temperatures. The disadvantage however, is that they are non-rechargeable. If you choose rechargeable batteries, think of the Everactive battery charger, in case you don't have a good battery charger in your house!

In addition to batteries and a memory card, there is a variety of other accessories available for this cameramodel. There are all kinds of special mounting materials such as tree forks and supports, but also accessories that ensure that the camera is placed more securely, such as a security enclosures or a python cable lock. You can select these accessories directly above and place your order as a bundle, but you can also view the complete overview of accessories here.

Product number: this is the Spypoint Flex camera with product number 680606.

More Information
Brand Spypoint
Brand Spypoint
Dimensions 10.7 x 13 x 7.9 cm
Type of trail camera Sim card wireless
Aufnahmemodi Photo, Video, and Hybrid mode
Live stream functionality No
Maximum photo resolution 33 Megapixels
Video resolution options 1080p FULL HD @ 30 fps
Maximum daytime video length 15 sec
Maximum nighttime video length 15 sec
Dynamic Video / Smart IR Video No
Type of flash invisible infrared (no glow)
Flash range 30 meter
Detection distance 30 meter
Field of view 40 graden
Zoom Functionality No
Picture trigger speed 0.3 sec
Picture recovery speed 1 sec
Video trigger speed 0.67 sec
Video recovery speed 1 sec
Max # pictures per trigger 3
Configurable trigger interval Yes
Night footage in full colour No
Activity timer No
Time Lapse function Yes, 24 hours a day
Minimum time lapse interval 60 sec
Internal viewer No
Configurable camera label Yes
Number and type batteries 8 x AA
External power connection Yes
Maximum memory capacity 512 GB
Password protection Yes
Brackets for python cable lock Yes
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü No, only English
Other noteworthy specifications

1. Integrated solar panel
2. Timer functionality

Original user manual

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