Find the right wildlife camera with our selection guide

- the key to the ideal wildlife camera -


Since finding the perfect wildlife camera can sometimes be a daunting task, Wildlife Monitoring Solutions has developed a wildlife camera selection guide. Here you can see which cameras suit your needs and your applications. If you still cannot figure it out, our specialists will of course be happy to help you with sound advice on our top products.

Find the perfect wildlife camera with the WMS selection guide

Today there are many different wildlife cameras, also called camera traps or trail cameras, making it difficult to see the wood for the trees. With this decision aid, we would like to help you find the most suitable wildlife camera for your application. For example, a wildlife camera with wireless functionality is ideal if you want to receive images directly. If you find it important to limit disruption, you can purchase a wildlife camera with an invisible flash. Do you want to record at fixed time intervals? Then our decision aid probably recommends a wildlife camera with timelapse functionality. Whatever you are looking for; with our selection guide, you are guaranteed to find the wildlife camera that meets your needs.