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Here, you will find all the discounted products. Often these are products that are going to be replaced by a new version of the same product. So, don't worry, all products are new and in original packaging, but just discounted to make room for new products in the assortment!
  1. Reconyx HyperFire SC950 Security Camera

    The Reconyx HyperFire SC950 Security Camera has been specially developed as a security camera. The captured images are in full colour during the day and in black and white at night. This security camera has a super fast response and recovery time and is very reliable. The camera features "Loop Recording" (the oldest images are automatically overwritten when the memory card is nearly full) and one can completely determine when the camera is active or inactive (e.g., only on weekends or after working hours). The camera is waterproof, battery operated, and has a completely invisible infrared flash camera making it totally covert. This makes this camera ideal for security applications and monitoring of remote areas without power.

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    As low as: €525.00

  2. Green Backyard IP Nest box camera (UTP Cable)

    Green-backyard IP bird box camera kits contains 1080p PoE mini camera, 60 feet outdoor cat5e cable and IEEE 802.3af PoE injector. Wired cable provides stable connectivity, simply plug the PoE cable, the camera will start to stream the video online 24/7. You also can simply view live images on your smartphone or tablet – all in incredible 1080p HD. Images can also be saved locally on a Micro SD memory card that can be inserted into the camera (available as an accessory, maximum 128GB).

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  3. Green Backyard WiFi Nest box camera

    WiFi bird box camera allows you to watch wildlife on your phone or computer without having to run a video cable from the bird box. Setting up a bird box camera is a fantastic way for any nature lovers to get closer to the wildlife right in their backyard. And this also makes it a great project for families, or a learning aid for schools, because you can share the camera with them.

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  4. Green Backyard IP / WiFi outdoor camera with Live Streaming

    This compact camera is perfect for placement in the garden or in a location with WiFi or network cabling. This can be, for example, in the garden, aimed at a bowl of bird food, or aimed at the entrance opening of a nest box or at the hedgehog house in the garden. So, in combination with one of the Green Backyard nesting box cameras (network cable version and WiFi version), this camera can generate an overall picture of the behavior of birds around and in nesting boxes and hedgehogs or other mammals in and around hedgehog houses or other enclosures. Of course other applications are also conceivable! What is important about this model, in contrast to the nesting box cameras, is that it is completely weatherproof and can therefore simply hang outside 24 hours a day, all year round. This outdoor camera has both a network connection and a WiFi receiver, so that the camera can be directly connected to the available internet on site in both ways. If there is no internet on site, but you are within range of the camera with your phone or tablet, you can also connect directly to the camera's internal WiFi and stream video from the camera directly.

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  5. Spypoint Solar

    The Spypoint Solar is a very interesting model for several reasons! This cameratrap has a high resolution of 48 megapixels (12MP image sensor) and a very fast trigger time of only 0.05 seconds! But what makes this model really unique is the integrated solar panel on top of the camera. Several tests and reviews have shown that in most conditions, this camera can fully run on the power generated by this small solar panel! Batteries are a thing of the past. Additional specifications of the Spypoint Solar are:
    - Detection range of 37 meter / Flash range of 30 meter
    - Maximum photoresolution of 48MP / 720p HD video resolution
    - Hybrid functionality and time-lapse

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    As low as: €275.00

  6. Bushnell Natureview Cam 2015 HD Black Flash - Green

    The Bushnell Natureview Cam Invisible flash is specifically designed for nature photography and close-up monitoring. This cameratrap offers the possibility to attach different lenses, which can reduce the focus distance to 60 or even 46 cm. This is ideal for close-up photography (e.g. a 'struikrover' or 'Mostela cameratrap box')! Additional specifications of the Natureview Cam Invisible flash are:
    - Detection range of 25 meter / Flash range of 17.5 meter
    - Maximum photo resolution of 14MP / 1920x1080p HD video resolution
    - Hybrid functionality and time-lapse

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    As low as: €399.00

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