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Here, you will find all the discounted products. Often these are products that are going to be replaced by a new version of the same product. So, don't worry, all products are new and in original packaging, but just discounted to make room for new products in the assortment!
  1. Browning 2018 Command Ops Pro

    The 2017 Dark Ops HD Pro camera is the newest addition to the best-selling, smallest high-performance no-glow trail camera line in the hunting industry. The 2017 Dark Ops HD Pro cameras feature an incredible .3 second trigger speed and .5 second recovery time and users will enjoy the remarkable high-end performance and 18MP picture quality along with a new video processor that produces incredible quality 1280 x 720 HD video clips with sound. In contrast to the new Browning Strike Force HD PRO, this model has a completely invisible (no-glow) infrared flash.

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    As low as: €125.00

  2. Moultrie 3G-900i WIRELESS

    The Moultrie M-50i adds Moultrie's iNVISIBLE infrared LED flash technology to an already impressive list of features, like 20-megapixel resolution, 1080p HD video, and a 0.3 second trigger time. Your nighttime images will be the brightest and clearest possible thanks to an Illumi-Night 2 Sensor.

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    As low as: €249.00

  3. Spypoint Solar

    The SOLAR trail camera has a built-in solar panel to charge its internal rechargeable battery. The trigger speed of 0.07 sec is the fastest on the market. The curved motion sensor lens improves the detection angle and distance of its 5 detection zones. The detection range can be adjusted from 1.5 to 25 m. The SPYPOINT SOLAR trail camera captures 48-megapixel photos or HD videos in color by day & black-and-white by night. The camera uses 42 high-power LEDs combined with the blur reduction technology to have the best image quality at night. It is the perfect camera to avoid spooking game.

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    As low as: €275.00

  4. Bushnell Natureview Cam 2015 HD Black Flash - Green

    This is one of the all new 2015 Natureview Cam models of Bushnell. The main features of this product are the two additional close-focus lenses that allow focus distances of 60 or even 46 cm, and of course the 2.4 inch external live screen color viewer, combined with a 1.5 Inch internal LCD screen for easy menu set up. Apart from that, the camera has the typical green Natureview housing, No-Glow completely invisible infrared flash, sensing distance of over 25 meters, 1080p Full HD video resolution and a 14MP camera sensor! In short, the new 2015 Natureview Cam series of Bushnell are pretty unique and packed with great specs!

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    As low as: €399.00

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