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A bird nest box camera - and each other live streaming webcam - is the ideal tool to buy for capturing the behaviour of wildlife in a birdhouse. Whether that is a nest box with a great tit bird, or a peregrine falcon high up on a pole, or a stork on a pole, there are plenty of examples to think of! These compact cameras are extremely suitable for monitoring remote locations undisturbed, at any time of day. Literally the natural version of ‘Big Brother’. At Wildlife Monitoring Solutions we offer the perfect nest camera to capture any type of bird species.

Find the bird nest camera and live streaming you seek in our product range

Below you will find our complete range, with the perfect bird nest box camera and live streaming cameras you can buy for a birdhouse. We work with the brand Green Backyard for said bird box cameras. Green Backyard is the most advanced brand in the field. They offer an extensive range of models, such as high-resolution wildlife camera , so there is a suitable bird box video camera for every situation. If you are specifically looking for a particular brand for your bird nest camera, you can also filter for this brand in the left sidebar menu. You can compare different cameras (using the ‘Compare’ button).

Your bird nest box video camera comes with useful tools

To get to the most out of the bird nest box video camera that you want to buy for your birdhouse we have ensured that several of the models we have on offer come equipped with WiFi functionalities or motion-activated. Buy a bird nest box camera with such WiFi capabilities that can connect to your existing network from a significant range and livestream images through the webcam. The images can be viewed by way of handy app which is provide with the purchase of your bird nest box video camera. The high-tech functionalities that allows you to use WiFi and webcam livestreaming also pick up on sudden movement. In such an event an alarm notification will be sent to your phone. This way you will never miss what happens in the live stream of your camera’s bird box webcam. Do you want to buy your very own WiFi connectable bird nest box camera with live webcam functionalities for your birdhouse? The scroll trough our offerings to find the one that best suits your needs. You may also be interested in our camera traps. Or perhaps you would like to know more about our thermal imaging camera’s? Our wildlife monitoring store will help you with everything.

Contact us for more information regarding your order

Because of the many different functionalities of each bird nest box video camera, such as WiFi and a webcam, we can imagine that you may like some extra product information before you buy the product. In this case you may of course always contact us. Please call to +31643444755 or send an e-mail to We also refer you to our useful frequently asked questions page for essential information concerning our products. If the brand or bird nest box video camera model you are looking for is not on the website, please contact us. Maybe we can still offer the product to you, and if not, we will gladly help you with good advice for a possible alternative! It is our mission to provide you with the ideal bird nest box video camera to buy for in your birdhouse.

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