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Does the visible IR flash scare the animals and therefore does it have a disruptive effect?

In our experience, this is not so bad. Although some animals may be able to distinguish between the visible and invisible IR flash, experience has shown that many animals, regardless of the type of flash, and even whether it is day or night, often notice the camera and look straight into the camera. In some animals this leads to a startle reaction, in others it leads to a beautiful picture of a stationary animal looking straight into the camera. We suspect that this reaction is caused by a sound that the camera produces when taking a picture (after all, there are a lot of mechanics in the camera) and/or because the animal simply notices the camera as a strange object in the room (it simply sees or smells the camera). In our opinion, the choice between a camera with a visible or invisible IR flash should be based on the risk of theft. To be fair, cameras with a visible IR flash are more likely to be noticed by people in the dark, although you can of course ask yourself how likely it is that people will walk past the camera in the dark in certain places.

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