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What does time lapse mean and how could you use it?

With a timelapse function, the camera trap takes photos or videos at a fixed interval. Examples include the process of a building construction (see example), or the monitoring of breeding waterfowl, or the monitoring of nature restoration measures (see example). The timelapse function can also be used for a completely different purpose, where it is less prominent, but nevertheless very useful. With a timelapse, you can ensure that the data is still usable if the trailcamera is disturbed (e.g. by an animal, dead batteries, full SD card, etc.). By setting up a timelapse beforehand, you can refer back to an exact moment in time when the camera trap was still undisturbed. You know exactly from when to when the camera was functioning well. For this, you can set the timelapse so that, for example, a picture is taken every 12 or 24 hours. However, not every trailcamera has a timelapse functionality, and the settings differ from model to model. Pay attention to this if you plan to use the timelapse functionality a lot and ask us for advice if this is your main goal. 

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