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This model is no longer available. A good alternative to the Guide TrackIR-50 is the Hikmicro Lynx Pro LH25.

Guide TrackIR-50 TK450 Thermal Image Camera

The Guide TrackIR-50 is a monocular thermal image camera with a focal length of 50mm (F1.2), which provides an enlarged viewing distance and thus allows you to view an animal or object in greater detail. Ideal for long distances! This thermal camera has a variety of key features, such as wifi, a range finder, picture-in-picture mode, hot-track function, multiple scene function and five distinct colour palettes. The high frame rate of 50Hz ensures sharp, real-time images during dynamic and fast-moving scenes. The manual focus allows you to focus the image to your own preference. Additional features of the Guide TrackIR-50 are:

  • Photo and video recordings
  • 400x300 @ 17μm VOx sensor resolution
  • Full HD display (1280x960 LCOS)
  • Zoom from 3.3 to 13.2 (1x-4x digital zoom)
  • Manual focus

Guide TrackIR-50 | Appearance

The waterproof Guide TrackIR-50 has a stylish and robust housing that feels comfortable in the hand. The five buttons on the top are easy to operate, even in complete darkness. At the bottom there is a tripod socket that allows you to put the Guide TrackIR-25 on a tripod and make steady recordings (video and photo). Using TrackIR app via wifi, you can control the camera remotely and live-stream images to your tablet or smartphone. This way, you don't have to constantly stare through the small eyepiece and you can easily share your experience with others around you.

Guide TrackIR-50 | Special features

  • Zoom from 3.3 to 13.2 (1x-4x digital zoom)
  • Manual focus
  • Wide field of view of 137 meter at a distance of 1000 meters (7,8° x 5,9°)
  • Wifi, incl. intuïtive TrackIR-app
  • A variety of settings
  • Waterproof

Guide TrackIR-50 | Alternatives

The Guide TrackIR-50 is an excellent thermal imaging camera for long distances! Looking for a little less zoom? Have a look at the Guide TrackIR-25. This high-quality thermal imaging camera has a shorter focal length (25mm), meaning a wider field of view making it easier to catch sight of an animal or other object.

Guide TrackIR-50 | Accessories

This thermal imaging camera comes standard with a water-repellent (nylon) carrying bag, carrying strap (neck), wrist strap, protective cap for the lens, USB-C cable, mains adapter (EU) and a Micro-HDMI cable.

In addition, we offer cleaning kits to easily remove dirt and stains and keep all optical surfaces in top condition! For optimum stability it's advised to use a tripod.

Product number: this is the Guide TrackIR-50 thermal image camera with product number guide-tk450.

More Information
Brand Guide
Dimensions 19.2×7.1×6.5
Type of thermal camera Monocular
Lens diameter 50 mm
Detector 400x300 VOx (17µm)
Display resolution 1280x960
Display type LCOS
Display frame rate (Hertz) 50 Hz
Image focus type Manual Focus
Diopter setting Yes
Colour palettes Red Hot, Black Hot, White Hot, Blue Hot, Iron, Iron Red
Optical magnification 3.3 x
Maximum digital zoom 4 x
Maximum magnification (optical/digital combined) 13.2 x
Field of view width (FOV) 7.8 graden
Field of view height (FOV) 5.8 graden
Field of view width @ 1.000m 137 meter
Detection range Long range (max. 1.500m)
Observation modes Picture-in-picture, Hot-Track Mode, Stadiametric rangefinder
WiFi function YES
Recording Mode YES (on the camera itself)
Internal memory capacity 16 GB
External memory capacity n.v.t.
Power supply Internal Li-ION battery
Operating time 5 uur
IP rating for water resistance IP66
Tripod socket Yes
Shock resistance Withstands a 1m drop onto concrete
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü No, only English
Manufacturer's warranty 2 year
Other noteworthy specifications

Automatic image enhancement, brightness and contrast of image are adjustable, automatic power off, automatic sleep, super power saving mode, work indicator can be turned off.

Original user manual

Manual Guide Track IR

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