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Why do I want a camera trap?

Camera traps are a popular tool and extremely suitable for passively capturing various (mammalian) animal species in an area on film. Even very rare and shy species are not inaccessible to the trailcamera. They are frequently used for scientific research and the management of animal populations. Over the past decades, we have gained good knowledge about the ecological relationships and population dynamics of wild animal species. In addition, it is an ideal tool for capturing cryptic and rare animals. Many trailcameras have recorded species that were never observed before or were thought to be absent. A good example is the observation of the first golden jackal in the Netherlands on the Hoge Veluwe (observed on 19 February 2016). Camera traps are used for various purposes, for example:

  • Impact studies
  • Inventories
  • Dispersal studies
  • Ecological issues
  • Hunting
  • Security purposes

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