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What is the warranty period on your products?

Contrary to what you often see in the US, there is no fixed warranty period in The Netherlands, but the warranty is determined on the basis of the soundness of the product, and what you can reasonably expect of it as a customer. For our cameras, for example, we think it is reasonable to assume that possible errors in the manufacture or design should, in most cases, have become apparent within 2 years of purchase. After this period, it often becomes a grey area and we will try to find the best solution together with the customer. Sometimes the problem is already known to us as a manufacturing defect and will therefore be solved free of charge, but sometimes the problem is more the result of intensive and long-term use, and therefore falls more under wear and tear through use. In that case we will do our utmost to get the camera repaired, but we will charge you for the actual costs incurred. However, we will never charge more than the actual cost incurred. If cameras are older than 5 years, we generally consider them to be written off.

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