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It's becoming increasingly difficult to make a good choice from the ever-growing range of wildlife cameras on offer. So we help you by listing the camera traps we like best on this page. This may be because they simply perform the best, or simply because they have a very special feature that makes them unique or special. We have chosen three models as favourites for a number of main categories, which we briefly introduce below. Further down you will then find the models listed and you can click on them to go to the corresponding detail page.

Standalone wildlife cameras with visible infrared flash
With wildlife cameras with visible infrared flash (low glow), a row of red LEDs lights up at night when you look directly into the camera while shooting. It is generally claimed that this red light is not disturbing to animals. Wildlife cameras with a visible infrared flash usually have a stronger exposure and a longer flash range. Therefore, night shots from such models are usually somewhat nicer than those from a model with an invisible infrared flash (No Glow).

Browning 2021 Recon Force Elite HP4
This Browning game camera is the predecessor to the 2022 Recon Force HP5 model, and in our opinion perhaps better than the 2022 model. The Browning 2021 Recon Force Elite HP4 delivers excellent night shots and is equipped with all sorts of niceties that make the game camera perfect for the purpose you want it for! These include the ability to adjust the flash, capture range, capture time and video quality.

Wilsus Accento with Leica lens
The Wilsus Accento is known for its impressive image quality. With its wide-angle lens of no less than 100°, you can more easily capture the surroundings and the animal - or group of animals - in their entirety in the picture. This wide angle of view makes it a wildlife camera that is particularly well suited for monitoring at relatively short distances (less than 10 metres of visibility in front of the camera, ideally the animals are mainly within 5 metres of the camera trap). So this is also an ideal wildlife camera for the garden!

Browning 2022 Strike Force PRO DCL
The Browning PRO DCL series is the successor to the popular Pro XD models from 2018. Like the Pro XD models, the new PRO DCL camera traps feature two lenses, one for daytime shooting and the other for nighttime shooting. Above all, the image quality of this Strike Force Pro DCL model is outstanding. In addition, this wildlife camera is super compact and offers numerous setting options. Very user-friendly with a fully German-language menu.

Standalone wildlife cameras with a completely invisible infrared flash
Wildlife cameras equipped with an invisible infrared flash (No Glow) are least noticed, especially by humans. This is an excellent feature for a surveillance camera and especially a good consideration if there is a risk of theft or vandalism. As mentioned above, from the point of view of most animal species, there seems to be no difference in reaction to wildlife cameras with visible infrared flash compared to wildlife cameras with invisible infrared flash.

Browning 2021 Spec Ops Elite HP4
This Browning wildlife camera is not only the ultimate camera trap to capture the most elusive animals, but also functions as a surveillance camera! The wildlife camera is equipped with all sorts of niceties that make it perfect for the purpose you want! Among other things, you can adjust the flash, the coverage area, the capture time and the video quality. Again, we are personally more fans of the 2021 Spec Ops model than the 2022 Spec Ops model. This is mainly due to the angle of view. The angle of view of the 2021 model is slightly smaller, so you can see a little more detail of the situation.

Browning 2020 Patriot
The Patriot is Browning's latest addition within dual lens technology. The sensor and lens combination is precisely tuned to deliver clear, crisp images both day and night. The dual lens makes the game camera truly silent!

Bushnell 2021 Core DS-4K
We think the Bushnell Core DS-4K should not be missing from this list either. The Core DS-4K is a super-fast camera that, like Browning's Patriot and PRO DCL cameras, features dual lens technology. This means that one lens is optimised for images in daylight and one lens for images at night. And this is also reflected in the image quality! Unlike the Browning models, the Bushnell camera traps also support hybrid functionality and 24-hour time-lapse monitoring. Finally, as with the Patriot, the dual lens makes the wildlife camera truly silent!

Wireless wildlife cameras with Bluetooth
Wireless wildlife cameras with Bluetooth can connect via an app on your phone or tablet. This way you can download the captured images in a reduced format from a short distance from your wildlife camera (usually 10-15 metres maximum). You can also make adjustments to the camera from this distance. Such camera traps are particularly interesting when placed in very hard-to-reach places (e.g. high up in a tree near a bird's nest) and in places where you want to disturb as little as possible. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any models available with this feature. So if you're looking for a wildlife camera that you can control remotely, check out the wireless wildlife cameras with SIM card or the nest box cameras and live streaming wildlife cameras.

Wildlife cameras with SIM card (4G wildlife cameras)
With these models, it is possible to use a SIM card to receive camera images remotely by email or via a cloud server at unlimited distance without the need for an existing WiFi network. This way you know immediately if something has approached your wildlife camera. With wireless functionality, it is also possible to send a command to the game camera, for example to get a picture of that moment or to adjust the camera's settings.

Wilsus Tradenda 4G Wireless
This popular wireless wildlife camera delivers beautiful images day or night and is available with a normal zoom lens with a 60-degree viewing angle or with a 100-degree wide-angle lens. With the wide-angle lens, it's easier to get the whole environment and the animal - or group of animals - in the picture. The captured images can be sent directly to your mailbox or to an ftp server. This model can be equipped with any SIM card, e.g. also with a Supersim SIM card. In addition, this camera has a multilingual user menu and a detailed user manual. This makes working with this wildlife camera very easy! Finally, with the Wilsus Tradenda it is possible to make all kinds of adjustments remotely via a special app on your phone. Very handy when you need to make a quick adjustment to your camera settings!

Seissiger Special Cam LTE - Supersim Edition
The Seissiger Special Cam LTE is known primarily as a solid, reliable 4G wireless wildlife camera. Not necessarily spectacular in terms of specifications and features, but absolutely user-friendly due to its smooth integration with Supersim. Supersim is a complete solution for 4G wireless camera traps. Supersim is a platform where you can create an account and buy credit for it. This credit can then be used by all Supersim SIM cards you have in your account. So if you have several cameras, they all use one credit. The pictures you take automatically end up in the Supersim platform and in the Supersim app on your phone, and you receive a push notification about them. You can also adjust the camera's settings remotely via the Supersim app (albeit quite limited). The camera can forward 1 image per motion detection, while the Wilsus Tradenda (see above) can forward up to 5 shots per detection. The latter is an advantage as you can often see where and what is moving in the image much better from a series of images.

Spypoint Link Micro LTE
This is the small wireless camera model from Spypoint. The ease of use and affordable price make this an extremely suitable camera for beginners in the outdoors. The sensor sensitivity of the camera trap can be set to your preference (low, medium, high). So you can choose a high sensitivity to get smaller animals on the camera more easily, or a low sensitivity to reduce the number of 'false triggers'. With this camera trap you can only take and send photos.

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Type of flash  
Time Lapse function  
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Video resolution options  
Maximum photo resolution  
Detection distance  
Flash range  
Field of view  
Number and type batteries  
Maximum memory capacity  
Activity timer  
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Password protection  
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü  
Picture trigger speed  
Video trigger speed  
Picture recovery speed  
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Max # pictures per trigger  
Maximum daytime video length  
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