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Reconyx has two different series of camera traps: the HyperFire 2 models and the UltraFire models. The UltraFire models are designed to deliver the highest possible video quality, while the HyperFire 2 models excel in photo mode.

Reconyx UltraFire Series

In the UltraFire range, there are currently three models left; the Reconyx UltraFire XR6, the Reconyx UltraFire XS8 Security, and the Reconyx UltraFire XP9 Professional. As the names suggest, the focus within these models is on the various intended applications. The XS8 is particularly optimised for security applications, while the XP9 is perfect for professional users who demand the very best from their product, for example, as the cameras are installed 24 hours a day, year-round in a tropical rainforest. The Reconyx UltraFire XP9, for example, has an extra robust coating on its electronic components to make it even more resistant to extreme weather conditions. The differences between the XR6, XS8 and XP9 are mainly in the adjustment options. The XS8 and XP9 are more extensively adjustable than the XR6. The detailed specifications for each product show exactly where the differences lie.

Reconyx HyperFire 2 Series

The Reconyx HyperFire 2 series is the most comprehensive series within Reconyx. We can divide the HyperFire 2 models, just like the UltraFire models, into 'outdoor' models, 'security' models and 'professional' models. In addition, for almost every standard HyperFire 2 model there is now a 4G WIRELESS variant available. 

This brings us to the Reconyx HyperFire 2 HF2X (which is the standard 'Outdoor' model), the Reconyx HyperFire 2 HS2X Security Camera, the Reconyx HyperFire 2 HL2X Licence Plate Camera, the Reconyx HyperFire 2 HP2X Professional Camera, and the Reconyx HyperFire 2 HP2W Professional WHITE FLASH Camera. The HF2X, the HS2X, the HL2X, and the HP2X are available in 4G WIRELESS versions but not the HP2W version with white LED flash. 

Again, the differences between the models are mainly in the different settings, with the exception of the HL2X license plate camera. The latter was developed specifically for capturing license plates of moving vehicles. Especially at night, this is often impossible with 'normal' camera traps, because the infrared flash of normal camera traps often causes the license plate of a car to be completely reflected and therefore not readable. In the Reconyx HL2X, the flash has been adjusted so that this problem does not occur. Therefore, this model is not suitable for normal wildlife monitoring applications, as the night exposure is very weak. Also, the night images often really only show the license plate, so you can't use it for recognising people or animals in the dark, for example. During the day, the HL2X can be used to capture animals and people. 

It is therefore particularly important to keep in mind exactly what you want to use the camera for when you are choosing between the various camera models. The professional models are a lot more expensive, but also offer more extensive setting and expansion possibilities. However, the average user often does not need these extra options. But especially when it comes to scientific research or specific projects, it can be necessary to choose for the professional models.

You can find all models below and order them directly! You can also find more information, extensive specifications, product manuals, and sample material on the detail page of each specific camera below. You can also add multiple models to a comparison to see the main differences between them quickly and easily. Finally, we would like to point out that all camera traps are delivered without the necessary accessories, so you will need at least one set of batteries and a memory card to get started with the wildlife camera. These and other accessories such as a special safety housing and a camouflaged cable lock can of course also be ordered from us. For this we have built in a clear and simple functionality on the detail page of every reconyx camera, but of course all reconyx accessories can also be found under the main heading "Accessories".

Accessories suitable / intended for  
Type of accessory  
Type of trail camera  
Type of flash  
Time Lapse function  
Night footage in full colour  
Dynamic Video / Smart IR Video  
External power connection  
Internal viewer  
Video resolution options  
Maximum photo resolution  
Detection distance  
Flash range  
Field of view  
Number and type batteries  
Maximum memory capacity  
Activity timer  
Brackets for python cable lock  
Password protection  
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü  
Picture trigger speed  
Video trigger speed  
Picture recovery speed  
Video recovery speed  
Max # pictures per trigger  
Maximum daytime video length  
Maximum nighttime video length  


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