Bushnell wildlife cameras | A popular and well-known brand for the perfect camera

Bushnell is a brand from America that knows how to make the perfect camera. The brand’s user friendliness and good quality photos, some clients simply will not use anything other than Bushnell. A camera for wildlife photography made by Bushnell is know for its good design that is typified by robustness and sustainability. They possess a fantastic battery life, a high trigger dependability, and exquisite video quality.

Current models of the Bushnell camera: Core & Prime

The new Bushnell Core and Prime models offer multiple improvement in comparison to older models, having much better speed, battery life and video quality in particularly. You can find all models of the Bushnell camera below and order them directly from us! Bellow you will also find further information, expansive specifications, product manuals, and example materials on the details page of every specific camera trap. You can also add multiple models for comparison, with the aim to view the most prominent differences quickly and easily between these models. Finally, we would like to disclose to you that all Bushnell camera traps are standard delivered without the required accessories and will hence require a battery set and memory card at the minimum before you can put them to work. These and other accessories, such as a special safety skin and camouflaged cable lock, can of course be order with your purchase from our wildlife monitoring store. To this end a clear and simple to use functionality has been build into the detail page of every Bushnell or other camera traps. Of course, alle accessories for you Bushnell camera trap may also be found under the ‘accessories’ header on our website. Did you know that several of our wildlife cameras have WiFi functionalities?   

Order you wildlife camera today

The best way to capture beautiful wildlife is to use a camera from Bushnell. Order yours now, using our convenient web shop. We offer several amazing models with their own unique specifications. This way you can determine which one you like best and buy within the price range that suits you. For extra information regarding our products, please contact us. Call to +31643444755  
or send us an e-mail at info@wildlifemonitoringsolutions.nl.

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