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Browning is a popular wildlife camera brand that is produced in America, it is know for its compact cameras with excellent image quality. Browning renews its assortment every year and evolves along technological developments very well. Browning has many different sorts of wildlife camera series, such as Dark Ops, Strike Force, Spec Ops, and Recon Force. Therefore, you will always be able to find a camera that fulfils your wishes. Wildlife Monitoring Solutions is the official Dutch supplier for Browning, which is why we can deliver every wildlife camera model to you. Does the model wanted by you not appear on our website? Then we encourage you to contact us so that we can look for possibilities.

Browning Spec Ops & Recon Force wildlife camera Series

The camera traps in the Browning Spec ops series all contain an invisible infrared flash, which is perfect for capturing images easily startled animals. Invisible cameras help you remain completely inconspicuous. The models in this series can also be used as security cameras since we as human beings also find it hard to notice them. A Browning Spec Ops wildlife camera is always equipped with excellent specifications. You can think of fast reaction and trigger time, but also excellent image quality. Since this type of Bushnell wildlife camera model uses 8 batteries, it also lasts longer than models from other series.

The Recon Force is the twin brother of the Spec Ops. The only difference is the use a visible infrared flash in the Recon Force series. This makes night-time recordings very well lit and bright! Beyond the flash difference, the series has the same specifications and benefits as the Browning Spec Ops wildlife camera series. If you are looking for a camera that produces high-quality night-time recordings, you should really consider a Browning Recon Force wildlife camera.    

Dark Ops & Strike Force Serie

Within the Dark Ops series, you will always be able to find a wildlife camera model that suits you, based specifications but also on the price. What all models have in common is the use of an invisible infrared flash. Most of these Browning wildlife camera models have a colour viewer, with the exception of the entry-level FULL HD. One Browning wildlife camera model used 2 lenses, one less it optimised for day recordings and the other lens for night recordings. (PRO XD & PRO DCL).

The Browning Strike Force wildlife camera series is the twin brother of the Dark Ops series, with the only difference being that the Strike Force uses a visible infrared flash. Consequently, night-time recordings are very well lit and bright.  

 Individual Browning wildlife camera models

 Besides these series, there are stand alone Browning wildlife camera models. Such as Browning’s entry-level model: Command Ops Elite. This is the most affordable withing the Browning brand, and you will be surprised by the quality that this wildlife camera offers regardless of its low price. This is definitely a good camera to start with.

There is also the Patriot, a very reliable and qualitatively strong camera! This one also used 2 lenses, which makes for excellent images during the night and the day. As a consequence, this Browning wildlife camera model is often used for scientific research, because of the quality and dependability of this model.

You can find al Browning wildlife camera models below and order them directly. Below you also find even more information, expansive specification descriptions, product manuals, and example materials on the details page of each specific camera trap. You can ad multiple Browning wildlife camera models to a comparison feature to see easily and quickly what the main differences between the models are. Finally, we would like to draw attention the fact that our Browning wildlife camera traps are standard delivered without the necessary accessories and will thus require a battery set and memory card at the minimum before you can go to work with them. These and other accessories such as a special safety skins or a camouflaged cable lock can of course be order from our website. To this end a clear and simple functionality has been built into the details page of each Browning wildlife camera trap, but naturally Browning accessories can al be found under the ‘Accessories’ header.

Order your high-quality camera trap

If you are looking to buy a Browning wildlife camera, you came to the right place. We know that you will find exactly the model that is perfect for you in our convenient web shop. We sell top-of-the line camera models by Browning but also by other brands. We have a camera available for every situation such as wildlife cameras with SIM for a remote wireless connection. Do you have any questions regarding our service, for example about our payment methods? Do not hesitate to call us on +31643444755  or send an e-mail to

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Type of trail camera  
Type of flash  
Time Lapse function  
Night footage in full colour  
Dynamic Video / Smart IR Video  
External power connection  
Internal viewer  
Video resolution options  
Maximum photo resolution  
Detection distance  
Flash range  
Field of view  
Number and type batteries  
Maximum memory capacity  
Activity timer  
Brackets for python cable lock  
Password protection  
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Picture trigger speed  
Video trigger speed  
Picture recovery speed  
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Maximum nighttime video length  
Minimum time lapse interval  


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