Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme


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This model has been phased out and is no longer available. For a similar product, we would like to refer you to the Browning Strike Force HD Pro X. This model is the successor of the extreme, with improved specifications.

Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme

The Browning Strike Force Extreme is the successor to the Strike Force HD 940 model (2017). The main difference between the Strike Force HD 940 and the Strike Force Extreme is the higher photo resolution, and the faster detection and recovery time. The trail camera is equipped with a visible infrared flash and is capable of taking both photos and videos. Additional specifications of the Browning Strike Force Extreme are: 

  • Detection range of 20 meters (adjustable)
  • Flash range of 25 meters (adjustable)
  • Maximum photo resolution of 16MP (interpolated)
  • 700p HD video resolution
  • Dynamic video function
  • Time-lapse

Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme | Appearance

Browning Strike Force Extreme has a camouflage print housing. The cameratrap has a cover on the lower half of the front where the settings need to be entered. The AA batteries go into a special battery compartment, which is pushed into the bottom of the cameratrap. When using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, the wildlife camera can last a respectable 8 months!

Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme | Benefits

+ very fast detection- and recovery time (0.38s/0.6s)

+ visible infrared flash

+ long battery life

+ SD card management 

Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme | Alternatives

Are you interested in a similar cameratrap, yet with improved specifications and an internal color viewer? If so, check out the Browning Strike Force Pro X. However, if you are looking for exactly this type of cameratrap, but with a completely invisible infrared flash, perhaps the Browning Dark Ops Extreme is the best fit for what you are looking for.

Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme | Recommended accessories

All camera traps are supplied without accessories. However, to get started with your cameratrap right away, you need at least a set of batteries and an SDHC memory card. For this model, this is a standard SDHC memory card of at least Class 10, such as the Sandisk Ultra cards. Additionally, we recommend to use the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (not rechargeable), or the Panasonic Eneloop and Eneloop PRO rechargeable NiMH batteries. The advantage of the lithium batteries over the rechargeable Eneloop batteries is that the former are more resistant to winter temperatures. The disadvantage however, is that they are non-rechargeable. If you choose rechargeable batteries, think of the Japcell battery charger, in case you don't have a good battery charger in your house!

In addition to batteries and a memory card, there is a variety of other accessories available for this cameramodel. There are all kinds of special mounting materials such as tree forks and supports, but also accessories that ensure that the camera is placed more securely, such as a security enclosures or a python cable lock. You can select these accessories directly above and place your order as a bundle, but you can also view the complete overview of accessories here.

Product number: this is the Browning 2018 Strike Force Extreme camera with product number BTC-5HDX.

More Information
Brand Browning
Brand Browning
Dimensions 11.4 x 8.3 x 6.3 cm
Type of trail camera Standard local storage
Aufnahmemodi Photo and Video
Live stream functionality No
Maximum photo resolution 16 Megapixels
Video resolution options 720p HD
Maximum daytime video length 120 sec
Maximum nighttime video length 20 sec
Dynamic Video / Smart IR Video Yes
Type of flash visible infrared (low glow)
Flash range 25 meter
Detection distance 20 meter
Field of view 45 graden
Zoom Functionality No
Picture trigger speed 0.38 sec
Picture recovery speed 0.6 sec
Video trigger speed 0.6 sec
Video recovery speed 1 sec
Max # pictures per trigger 8
Configurable trigger interval Yes
Night footage in full colour No
Activity timer No
Time Lapse function Yes, only during daylight
Minimum time lapse interval 5 sec
Internal viewer Yes
Configurable camera label Yes
Number and type batteries 6 x AA
External power connection Yes
Maximum memory capacity 32 GB
Password protection No
Brackets for python cable lock Yes
Mehrsprachiges Kameramenü No, only English
Other noteworthy specifications

This camera has several recording options while in photo mode: in "multi-shot" it can take 1-8 pictures per trigger with 2 sec. between each picture, while in "Rapid Fire" mode it can also take 1-8 pictures per trigger but with only 0.3 sec. between pictures.

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