Cameratraps with Bluetooth functionality
Cameratraps with Bluetooth functionality allow the owner to connect to the camera at a short distance (up to about 20-25 meters in an open line of sight) in order to read out the captured images or adjust the settings. This usually works via an app that needs to be installed on a phone or tablet (suitable for IOS and Android). For this it is therefore necessary that you have a smartphone or tablet with bluetooth functionality. In most cases, a reduced version of the original images are downloaded to the app. The original file is always stored locally on the memory card inside the cameratrap. When you start downloading the images from the camera, the connection will switch to a wifi 'hotspot' that will be launched by the cameratrap itself. Therefore, this type of wildlife camera is often referred to as cameratrap featuring a "Bluetooth / WiFi functionality". Although this is true, it is important to realize that this does not mean that you can connect this type of cameratrap to your WiFi network at home. This requires a different type of technology. Cameratraps with bluetooth are especially interesting when placing the camera at a location that is difficult to access (such as the top of a tree near a bird's nest, high up in the gutter, or deep in the dense bushes), or when you want to disturb the location as little as possible (such as the nest of a meadow bird or the castle of a beaver). Also a garden will do, so you can easily watch the recordings from the couch. Some models, such as the Browning Defender cameras, offer the possibility to livestream, at the moment the connection is established. Cameratraps with a Bluetooth functionality:

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