Security Enclosures

Here, you find steel security enclosures for almost all brands and models of trail cameras. A steel security enclosure protects your camera against vandalism, theft, or damage caused by rubbing, biting, or scratching of animals against your camera trap. Our steel enclosures neatly fit your camera, which also ensures that other people cannot open your camera and take out your batteries or the memory card. Finally, all our metal security enclosures have special openings through which a Master Lock python cable lock (offered elsewhere on our website) can be fastened. Using these specially designed cable locks, you can easily secure your camera inside its enclosure to a tree, pole or other object. This dramatically reduces the risk of theft! 

We can supply steel security enclosures for almost all trail camera brands and models on the market, so even if you can't find your specific brand or model on our website, we can probably provide you with it! So if you are looking for a specific model or you can't seem to figure out which is the correct enclosure for your camera, feel free to contact us (, we will be happy to help!

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