About us

Wildlife Monitoring Solutions was founded in 2011 from a passion for wildlife, nature, and technology, with a focus on wildlife cameras. Initially, we focused mainly on the brands Reconyx, Bushnell and Browning, but over the years both our range and expertise have grown, and we now offer a very complete range of wildlife cameras. We even have camera traps from our own brand these days; Wilsus. And yet, we have by no means included all available brands and models in our range. In fact, we make very conscious choices in this respect, in order to achieve a range that is complete in terms of possibilities and applications, while also being high-quality and reliable. This allows us to offer a suitable solution for every application; from pure hobby to professional challenges! This has allowed us to develop over the past 10 years into the wildlife camera specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium, and we are also stepping further and further beyond our national borders.

Since 2019, we as WMS have taken on a new challenge by building up expertise in other forms of "Wildlife Monitoring Solutions" in addition to wildlife cameras. Think of thermal imaging cameras, night vision scopes and binoculars and spotting scopes, as well as nestbox cameras, (wireless) wildlife webcams, cave and burrow monitoring, underwater cameras and professional DSLR cameraval self-assembly kits. The common thread that ties everything together is our motto to bring nature into focus, by any means necessary!

Wildlife Monitoring Solutions was founded by Lennart Suselbeek in 2011, while working as a PhD researcher at Wageningen University. Nowadays, Lennart focuses entirely on WMS and quit his job as PhD Programme Coordinator at the research school PE&RC (part of Wageningen University) in August 2021. Combining two half jobs created too much friction to want to do everything perfectly, and so the knot had to be cut. But as befits a good scientist, Lennart is still active and interested in (scientific) research. So within WMS, student projects are also regularly supervised by Lennart, and in spring 2022, the first intern will start at WMS. 

In addition to Lennart as the driving force, WMS works a lot with its regular sparring partner Joep. Joep van Belkom is the owner of "Expertura" and has a lot of experience with all kinds of monitoring, as well as writing blogs and articles. This is therefore something he often dedicates himself to for WMS. In addition, we at WMS still regularly make use of the knowledge and experience of Marc Belt (owner of the company Dieren Spotten) when it comes to advice around the purchase and installation of self-built camera systems by Camtraptions and Cognisys. Together, we are always ready to think along with you, offer advice and suggest suitable solutions based on our passion and experience. Our goal is not to meet our customers' expectations, but to exceed them! That is why at WMS we offer a lifetime guarantee on advice!