About us

Who are we?
We are Wildlife Monitoring Solutions. We are a website and a web shop with lots of information about using camera traps, or trail cameras as they are often called. We provide details about important camera specifications to use when selecting a camera trap and of course, we supply a comprehensive range of high quality and reliable camera traps. For all camera traps in our shop, we are an authorised dealer and in the case of Browning Trail Cameras we are the international distributor in the Benelux and Scandinavia. The latter means that we are the exclusive supplier of Browning in these countries, and that we are the point of contact for other companies in these countries who want to become a dealer of Browning. The dealership also runs through us. Wildlife Monitoring Solutions has come to life on March 7, 2011 and since then we have developed into the leading specialist in the Netherlands in the field of camera traps. But our goal has not yet been reached; we want to be the leading specialist in Europe! We want to be the place where anyone can ask questions about the different brands, models and designs, but also about the right way of placement, the best model for a specific application, and for advice around the purchase of a camera trap.

About the owner
Wildlife Monitoring Solutions is a sole proprietorship and run by Lennart Suselbeek. In addition to his work for Wildlife Monitoring Solutions, Lennart also works as a PhD Programme Coordinator at the Graduate School PE&RC of Wageningen University. He is responsible for setting up and maintaining a challenging and tailor-made training program for PhD students working in ecology. On a daily basis, this means that Lennart organizes courses and other training activities at PhD level and coordinates and facilitates the process of doing a PhD. Before he started working at PE&RC, he himself did a PhD on the interaction between mice, oaks, and wild boar, and he was particularly interested in the role of mice as seed disperser for the oak (whilst creating their winter food supply), and how wild boar, as active rooters would affect the cooperation between oak and mouse. If you want to see or read more about his PhD work, please download his PhD thesis here.

Lennart's passion for camera traps began when he went to do a thesis in Panama as part of his MSc at Wageningen University. In Panama, on the research island of Barro Colorado Island, a large network of camera traps (Reconyx, ed.) was laid out and with this all kinds of relationships between the tropical forest and the animals that lived there were studied. For instance, he studied whether the abundance of food influenced the numbers of animals in parts of the area and whether this was also reflected by the camera trap footage (whether, for instance, many more photos of a particular species were made in areas where food was abundant). After completing his MSc thesis and becoming acquainted with camera traps, Lennart started his PhD research and, of course, he made sure that there was a considerable share of camera trap work in this investigation. For example, he placed tagged acorns in the woods and used camera traps to monitor who (which mouse or other animal) and when these animals picked the acorns away. Also, camera traps were set up to see whether the large fauna in the area (boar, deer, foxes, etc.) occurred in similar numbers in all areas in order to rule out any effect on seed dispersal. It was the moment Lennart had to import camera traps for this study from the US that he realized a potential market in importing and selling camera traps. Importing often is complicated, you do not know exactly what you pay in terms of shipping, import duties, additional taxes, VAT, etc. And of course as a customer you are in trouble when your camera suddenly no longer appears to function properly. Then the whole thing starts again; the camera must be returned to the US, shipping has to be paid again and if you are unlucky, you will have to pay import duties and VAT on the repaired or replacement product again!

Our ambition
Wildlife Monitoring Solutions has jumped into this opportunity and has focused solely on supplying camera traps in Europe. Although there are numerous brands on the market, we have deliberately chosen to offer a limited number of brands which we feel we can cover a large part of the demand. From professional scientific research and monitoring to pure hobby in one’s own backyard, we have something for everyone. That doesn’t imply, however, that we are not open to innovations and suggestions of our customers, so if the brand you'd like to buy is not available in the shop, please feel free to contact us, so we can see what we can do for you!

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